Sunday, August 12, marked the anniversary of the Charlottesville Alt-Right meeting, which resulted in chaos, mayhem and the death of one young woman. After being refused a permit for the same type of rally in Charlottesville, the Alt-Right group turned to Washington, DC, as an alternative.

The rally was hyped up in the media, with strong undertones of potential violence occurring. I decided I needed to make an act of presence to support those who oppose the Alt-Right and what they stand for and photograph the event.

Washington is a liberal town (in spite of the current occupants in Congress and the White  House) and it lived up to that spirit. Some 3,000 counter protesters showed up to face the 20 or so Alt-Righters, who were huddled together and cowed in a tight group, separated from the rest of us by a large police force.

The little group of Alt-Righters is barely visible beyond the police line, with the White House in the back.

Their rally ended before it was even supposed to start, but it gave the rest of us a chance to reaffirm some values we stand for. Below are some photos of the counter protest that took place at Freedom Plaza (ironically, that plaza is just opposite of Trump’s DC hotel…)

After a couple of hours of speeches, music and mingling, the protesters marched towards Lafayette Park — the site of the Alt-Right gathering.

It was good and uplifting to see such a strong showing. As is usual in these events, Washington DC’s police force did a great job keeping the proceedings safe, with minimal intervention.

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